Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

I was contemplating my Interstice Series again because it seems to be progressing past the initial point of departure for the work.  The basic idea was that the interstice - small cracks and crevices - when broken down into the simplest imagery, was a series of contrasts, areas of light and dark.  But the more intriguing aspect of the definition was the 'space in between'.  That part of the definition has driven me when working in this series.  But what has happened now is the initial motivation is becoming more and more distant when I'm creating.  I see the play of contrasts still but the encaustic medium is definitely dictating a deeper meaning within the work.  I am working with not just the values of black, white, and grey but also with more textures, more mark making.  The hand of the artist is seen with traces of my thinking and process.

Incorporating my prayer life and meditation within the creative process, I am finding that my hand is not just directed by me, but by the medium and what I believe, the Spirit as well.  When stuck with what to do next, I pray and do receive answers - answers that lead me to leave the hand of the artist.  This leads me to contemplate the ultimate Creation - the worlds that we know and that which inhabits it.  Our world shows the Hand of the Creator with its beauty and organization.  That organization also has within it chaos and chance - just like my creative process.  I believe that human creativity mimics the creativity of God.  So when I am working in the studio, my body, mind, and spirit are driven by organization, chaos, and chance.  The spontaneity that occurs within the structure I create leads me to a place of play and order.

So why continue within this series?  I feel that I need to work towards finding the essence of the interstice - the space in between - the place of the Spirit.  What that means is still a mystery to me and I may never achieve the final answer.  I just know that this exploration is not exhausted by any means.  I will work on other series but this one will, I feel, continue for a long time.