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June 12, 2014

Well, I got the call... the one I was expecting but didn't want to get.  My mom needs to either to have a companion with her or we need to move her into assisted living.  My mother has dementia and it is progressing.  We've been uneasily waiting for this day to come and it is now here. The call came yesterday while I was on my lunch hour at work so I was able to take it.  As would be expected, a myriad of questions and emotions filled my mind and heart and I found that I could think somewhat clearly but not enough to ask everything I needed to ask.  That's what today is for...  pulling myself together to handle everything that mom needs.  Spending time on the phone with family and agencies has been draining but it is that season of life.  Things are the way they are; it is what it is. Many thoughts are going through my head regarding mom's care and making sure she is comfortable and secure in her surroundings.  The last thing we all want is to make a decision that w