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It's snowing in Denver and the solitude is lovely.  While I've been busy painting on my LAMENTATION Series, I'm taking a morning break of stillness. I'm looking at the tiny orchids on my kitchen table and contemplating their beauty.  But, with that, it is appropriate that I'll be working more on the series today as it is the second anniversary of my mother's passing.  I'm not sad for she is in a better place.  I can rejoice with that but I am contemplative; thinking of the brevity of life and all that this short time on earth offers.   With my musings this morning, I'm contemplating the Memento Mori - keeping death before us, the vanity of life, and the brevity of our lives.  We are told to number our days for we really don't know how long we have on this earth. For me, that means I must take in and give as much as I can to this life.  As an artist, I do create things; things that might not have value to anyone else but me and yes, they will, at