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Taking a Chance

10-22-18 I’m taking a chance.   While I’ve written poetry that reflects my bipolar ups and downs, I haven’t shared much pertaining to the journey I’m on with it.   It’s a bit intimidating to be sharing such intimate details about oneself, especially when such vulnerability can be rejected or misunderstood.   It is within that vulnerability though, I feel I can be most honest about who I am and what I do with my work.      My art work is taking on a new direction.   I’m allowing myself to be the subject matter of the work.   I always felt that I had to hide or try to stay ‘positive’ within my work so not to bring me or someone down in the process of viewing the pieces.   As a woman of faith, I wanted to my work to bring glory and beauty to God and not discredit Him in any way.   What I discovered was, I was being somewhat dishonest with myself as to who I was and how I was created.   I am in the process of realizing that I am enough.   This last two years have been a particu


Written 10-13-18 Darkened Dreams Waves move In and over Deep chasms Unsettling ancient Rhythms within  Troubled waters Glimpses of Faint echoes Haunts wearied Memories  Stirring bitter  Despair Cacaphonies of Mirrored screams Wrestle with Deepened depths of soulful Yearnings Yielding to Subtle piercings of quiet Breaths Shattering Darkened dreams


10-19-18 Inner Jazz (per request from W. A. G.) You want some of my Inner Jazz… The inner beatings of                 Sync –  o – pat – ed                                 Be bop                                                 Scoo be …  de doo                                                                 Wrestlings To keep my mind from                 SCREAMING Per – cus – sion                 Rhy – thms to keep                                                 The                                                                 Heart  ** **                                                                                 Beat  ** ** Going to Maintain                 Just enough sanity                                 To FAKE IT Just enough breath To allow the                                 Breathable                                                 Intake of