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Beauty and Stillness

It was such a lovely sunrise this morning.  Not one of those sunrises that makes you say, "Wow", but just a beautiful, subtle transition from dark to dusk to morning.  Watching the colors brighten and fade, making coffee, I thought of just how fortunate it is to be able to take the time to watch such beauty.  I just wanted to exist within it.  It was beautiful.  The day was dawning.  The day's pressures and plans would be upon me soon enough.  But for now, in the quiet and stillness of the morning, I was sitting with my coffee, reflecting on the beauty of the day's dawn.

It made me think of good days in the studio, when I can come to that place of stillness when working.  As of late, my process has been an emotional one, relying on painful emotions to create my work.  Stillness does exist within creating such work for pain is a part of every person's life at some point.  It is a part of this world.  So how does stillness come from after painting pain?  For me, it…