Thanksgiving Gratitude


I'm sitting in my kitchen, reflecting over this past year and a half.  All is quiet.  Soon the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving activities will be underway.  But until that starts, I'm able to just be, just sit here and take a deep breath, grateful for all that has happened - both the good and the bad. 

This past year and a half has been one of many distresses and blessings. Family deaths, almost losing my husband earlier this year, my own health problems, moving, starting a business, new grandbaby, wedding, and of course, art - all part of life with but each brings it own unique element into the fabric of existence - I couldn't be more grateful.  What all this has taught me is that so much of my time is spent doing, spending it on activities - all important - but what I need is to be able to just spend time being, resting, rejuvenating myself before all the activities begin.  It has taught me to be dormant - like winter - waiting for the buds to bloom later in the right season. 

Dormant isn't being inactive.  It is part of my life's process of being, doing, of creating.  I'm discovering that if I don't allow myself the quiet time, I don't function well at all.  So I'm learning to be dormant, learning to listen to the still, small Voice that guides me.  I'm also learning that when I'm in my studio, being active, the reservoir that forms from being dormant comes alive when creating and that brings me into the zone.  That's where the grounding and centering of my creative efforts come alive and nurture me as an artist.

So I'm grateful for all of it -grateful for what life has taught me through so much.  I'm grateful for family, faith, friends who also have been there and have guided me through these seasons and have nurtured me through them as well.  Thank you - all of you. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


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