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 8-10-2020 “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Edgar Degas What does an artist see? How does the artist translate it to others? How does the magic of an art work happen?  One of the first things that an artist learns is how to see.  Beginning with rudimentary observation skills to the development of intuitive creating, seeing becomes paramount to the creation of any art work.  Seeing encompasses a large percentage of the creative process. But what is 'seeing'? It is more that just looking at something to copy it.  Seeing involves much deeper and intuitive factors. Seeing allows the artist to take what is before her/him and bring to to a place of significance - bringing it out of the ordinary, of cognizance - making the artist and viewer aware of something new, and transcendence - transforming the moment to a new level of understanding.   It is within these factors that an art work speaks.  The creative endeavor of an artist aims to reach others with it, all