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Of Green and Red

6-24-19 Of Red and Green Compliments play With chiaroscuro Of red and green Vibrant colors Echo light and dark of contiguous petals Slender stalks Hoist crowning Glories of fragrant hosts Leading upward Praises of Fluorescent delight


6-10-19 “Art evokes the mystery without which  the world would not exist…" Rene Magritte Le Retour 1940 Rene Magritte “Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist…" Rene Magritte I love this quote from Rene Magritte for it encompasses the essence of art - it's mystery and how appropriate it is for us as humans.  Human beings intrinsically create.  We must, it is a part of our nature, from the greatest works of art to the advances of science and medicine.  We create.  We've discovered macro and micro worlds on this planet and in space.  And within it all, we, on this earth, among the vastness of space and the wonders of our world, discovered that the universe contains the such immense mysteries, things we can and cannot explain. Mysteries that go beyond our initial comprehension.  Our existence, coupled with such wonders leads us to create, to express such things. Art in itself, expresses the human condition.  One

Crucifixion Meditation

6-3-19 I'm excited because I've been selected for the Alumni Artist in Residence at Azusa Pacific University in California.  It is an incredible honor and I'm so grateful for the opportunity.  I'll be working with the graduate students hosting a workshop, field trips, critiques, making and showing art.  It'll be a busy time, definitely!  I'm working on new work for the show that will be up while I'm there.  I'm calling it my Crucifixion Meditations.  They relate in some degree to the Lamentation Series I'm working on currently too but these are intimate works - approximately 12"x12"x1.5".  I'm planning on having ten - twelve pieces created for the show.  I've been working quickly with these pieces, meditating of course on the Passion of Christ for them, but working very fast.  They are coming out of me as fast as I can create which let's me be more spontaneous and less calculated with the works.  I prefer working this