Moments Birthed by Pensive waiting
Reveals Yearnings of Ageless pleas
Guttural Cries of Primal needs
Speak Forth weighted Petitions
Supplications Revealed in Meditative moments
Spur Restless Anticipation
Rendering forth Silent replies
Awakening dawn

Asiatic Lily

Asiatic Lily
Stamen and pistils Quiver within Goldenrod petals Spotted with crimson
Delicate arches Symmetrically balance The flowers stance Against dark Green leaves
Withered memories Of vibrant colors Contrast against Yellow blossoms Of bursting existence
Bringing to Full circle The Dance Of Life And Death

Palm Sunday


Palm Sunday
Sipping coffee Within the silence Of the morning
Awaiting the business Of the day
Reflections of past Hallelujahs and Branches
Setting the stage For the week
Passion and suffering Host the time Of the season
With joyful Resurrection to come
All absorbed within A cup of tan Warmth
Renewing moments Of peaceful contentment

Continuing the Process


Continuing the Process

Thinking about my latest piece on Thai Bird's Nest Paper, I'm contemplating just what it means to me.  I typically allow the piece to speak and also allow the time it takes for it to speak.  I'm ruminating on this one, especially.  I feel like I'm breaking into new territory, which is exciting.  I'm not pushing this at all, in fact, I'll allow however much time it needs to complete it.  The waiting can make me a bit anxious as I want to create and work on it but many times, I'm just looking, waiting for the piece to tell me the next step in which to go.  It's not frustrating. It forces me to slow down and really see, really look into what I'm doing, making the work, and bringing it to completion. 

This process allows for me to contemplate, pray, and rest if you will.  The act of creating, of creation is one where the energy is expended but also contained, built up in order to release into the creative act.  I'm grat…

It's a beautiful day here in Denver and I'm ready to create!  I've been working on the Lamentation Series but also other works as well.  I'm revisiting an old material - Thai Bird's Nest Paper.  It's wonderful!!!!!  I'm stitching hemp thread and cheesecloth to it.  The textures are scrumptious! I'm playing with ideas of hidden and revealed, things constant within chaos. 

The textures of the paper will allow for me to use paint and show it off beautifully.  I can't wait to get the paint on it!  Right now, I'm stitching and sewing the cheesecloth onto the paper.  It's very meditative and grounding.  It is a welcome break from the intensity of the Lamentation Series.  Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the Lamentation Series but emotionally, it takes its toll.  So, this work is very welcome and needed at times. 

The sewing is reminiscent of my teen years, when I used to sew.  I learned during high school and received my first sewing …
A Day’s Grace (After a Bad Dream)
Images swirling within The mirror of my mind
Traces the memory Of the previous night
Echoes disquieting dreams Disturbing the morning’s dawn
Settling into routines While shaking remembrances
Affirms resonate traces Allowing the day to grace

Saying Goobye


Saying Goodbye

In the solitude I sit
waiting for the stillness
to subside

Pensive and hurried 
thoughts fill my

Your presence
no longer here
but in another place

Sorrow for what
wasn't and
for what was

Making it hard
to release
and say goodbye