A Defiant Act


I've been busy in the studio, working on paintings and pastel drawings. I found a new surge of energy after a time of not feeling to inspired. I'm excited about what I've created. I'm still working on my Stirring Series and a new series of pastel drawings titled, Verve. They, like the paintings, have much movement and energy. I feel like they reflect the chaos and energy of the time.
I've also hung my solo show at D'art Gallery in a smaller gallery within the space. The room is filled to the brim with my work and it has energy! I'm very pleased. It's been a blessing and honor to be able to exhibit. My hope is that the work touches those who see it.
This time of Covid-19 has been a challenge for when I didn't have the energy or desire to create, it really affected me. I finally forced myself to paint and was glad I did for the creative force that drives me was renewed. I've been listening to many artist friends that have said this time has drained them of creativity.  With everything going on in the world, their creative drive has vanished. I get it. I was affected in a similar way for a while.  I'm grateful that it didn't last too long but I know for some, it's lasting as long as the stay-at-home has been in effect. I've even had artist friends question why art is important. My answer to this is it is important because it gives hope. The creative act itself shows it tenacity of the human spirit.  It says we don't give up. It says we matter.
Since we're also made in the image of God, our creativity connects us with the Divine.  It allows us to tap into the Bara - the creative force of God. That, in turn, brings another aspect to the creative act.  It is a symbiotic relationship between the Heavens and the artist. And when we engage in our creativity, especially when our desire is lacking, we step into an act of defiance, an act the challenges the darkness that envelops us.  It allows the Spirit to move and affect the work and us. And when we create in these circumstances, we prove ourselves victorious and that creativity leaves an indelible stamp of who we are as humans. 
I'm grateful for the lesson learned during this uncertain time.  I pray that my work develops and continues to confront the darkness. I'll push on to create knowing that what I do matters. And that gives me great satisfaction.   So until next time, create and enjoy!

Susan M Gibbons
Verve 4
Pastel on Rives BFK Paper


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