An Adventure

Every production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul.
W. Somerset Maugham
I couldn't agree more with this quote. The creation of art is an adventure, one that requires honesty, trust, commitment, and faith. Without them, the works suffers.Honesty is essential to the artist, for the creation of the work is a direct outpouring of what is inside her/him. It's a reflection of the soul. If the artist is not honest, if the artist is holding back or relying on copying another visual source and not interpreting it with her/his own unique perspective, then honesty is compromised. Even not taking a risk can compromise the honesty of a work. Honesty requires the artist to dig deep and pull out what needs to be said, unabashedly, in the work of art. That is where the adventure begins, being true to oneself helps create works of art that are unique to the artist's voice.Trust is another component of creating work. Artists need to trust the process within their studios. So much understanding comes from working with the materials, learning them so they can speak to the artist and guide her/him in the creation of the work. Once the materials are understood, the trust comes with them and how they work within the processes and concepts of the artist. A true symbiotic relationship is formed within the studio practice. It is where the soul can express itself. There is where the trust lies. That is where creation takes place, the beautiful connection between and artist, concepts, materials, and process.  In order to learn and grow, the artist needs a great deal of commitment to her/his practice. The commitment to learn the materials, the commitment of learning the artist's practice and process, all contribute to deepening the resolve of the artist.  Commitment helps her/him stay through the rough times and helps the artist to resist quitting. It may be tempting at times to quit but pushing through to the end helps feed the commitment to keep going. It's also the commitment of realizing oneself, who s/he is as an artist and why s/he creates. That level of commitment helps the artist to actualize who s/he is and focus on becoming the artist s/he was meant to be.  Finally, faith is essential to the artist. Faith embodies honesty, trust, and commitment. It remains steadfast if utilized. It helps during the times of doubt but it also refreshes those times and strengthens the good times in the studio. Faith also gives confidence, an assurance to continue to create. Faith feeds the soul. The artist can have faith in themselves but coupled with faith in the Divine, in the steadfast Presence of God, gives the artist the knowledge that there is something greater than her/his self. It is faith that gives strength and guidance when things become unclear. It is the awareness of faith that gives the artist an incredible ability to move forward in the studio.  Once these are all put together, the adventure begins. The expression of the artist reveals her/his uniqueness. It is an expression of the soul, something that cannot be duplicated by any other person. It is within the physical act of creation that part of the soul is transferred from the artist to the art work. That act is completed when the art work is viewed for the spirit of the artist connects with the spirit of the viewer. It is a spirit to spirit communication. That is why so many are moved when seeing a work of art. It touches the soul.  So let the adventure begin. Let it deepen honesty, trust, commitment, and faith so works of art are created that bare our unique selves. Let it touch those who create it and those who see it, connecting our souls.  Until next time, create and enjoy!

Susan M GibbonsStirring 25Acrylic on Canvas202040"x40"x1.5"


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