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Coronavirus, Creating and Connecting

6-27-2020 It's been a while since I've written. We had the coronavirus hit our house and while only one of us was affected, it was scary.  Everything was sanitized, we were doing lots of laundry, wiping everything down while my poor husband was in isolation.  He's fully recovered, thank the Lord, but it was not fun.  While in some ways I've appreciated the down time that the stay-at-home has brought me, in other ways, it's been very difficult.  Worring about my husband and not being able to see family and friends is taking its toll.  I know many of my friends are experiencing similar feelings, especially those who are alone.  The one thing that this has taught me is that it is my responsibility to reach out to others.  I'm grateful for face-to-face platforms, phone, texting for they've given me a chance to connect with people.  This time has also given me a chance to connect in the studio.  At first, I was painting up a storm, creating many works but now,