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December 16, 2014 I've started a new series titled the Adam Series based on the account in Genesis when Adam was created from the dirt of the earth.  I'm incorporating different colored dirt within the work to symbolize the different colors of the human skin.  It's been fun finding the different colors of dirt to match the colors of the encaustic paint.  Using the dirt has been interesting as it adds a wonderful texture and completeness to the work. The idea came to me as I was heading home from an Image Journal workshop called The Glen Workshop in Santa Fe, NM in the early 2000's.  I was driving home with a friend and we noticed the beautiful colors of the horses grazing off the highway.  Then it hit me - the colors of the horses matched many of the colors of the earth and so does human skin.  This little epiphany (an epiphanette!) lead to the idea of creating a series of artworks that would encapsulate that idea.  Now, after many years, I'm actually creating i