A Humble Brushstroke


How art itself is awakened in a humble brushstroke, making the surface of the support vibrate, printing a dynamic movement in the eyes of the viewer, making the barriers of distance jump to tell us from the underground texture: “what you feel is emotion, not you are ashamed, do not look for an explanation”, this work is an example, brilliant.

Victor Lopezrua

The above quote is a response for one of my latest, Stirring Series paintings on Instagram. I was very humbled with his kind words. While I thanked him for his gracious comment, it had me thinking about that humble brushstroke.  It does awaken a stirring within us and it is that stirring that brings about an awakening which begins with a single stroke. 

It takes a level of faith to create, to trust the process.  It takes guts sometimes to make that first brushstroke. But once it's done, the creating can begin. It arises from that first stroke illuminating the first idea, then moving forward adding stroke upon stroke, until the realization of the idea takes place. It also requires listening to that 'still, small voice' within to follow through the creative process. They work together but it starts with a brushstroke. 

The beauty of art is the awakening. Realism or abstract, what is revealed on the surface of the painting gives the viewer enough to enter into a dialogue with the work and if allowed, moves them to a new place of being, of understanding, and awakening. Sometimes words fail to express the emotion or response to the work. It is enough for the work to stand without explanation. 

Those brushstrokes ultimately make "the barriers jump". Barriers exist between artist and canvas, between viewer and art but what transpires on the canvas can reduce those barriers to rubble. It can make them move to allow 'seeing' to take place, which brings about, again, the awareness. That awareness can reach and nurture our spirits. 

The humble stroke also brings about a yearning of the spirit. It is from that one stroke that the artist can come and bring to the canvas the offering that is art. And our spirits drink from it. It allows us to relate to each other and learn from each other. It fulfills a need to remind us that we are. It fulfills the connection that we desire. It presents to us the abiity to have communion with each other. The humble brushstroke begins all of it. It leads to the creation of art and the bonding that art can bring. It reminds us that we are bigger than ourselves. It reminds us that we are indeed, human. 


    Susan M. Gibbons

Stirring 33

Acrylic on Canvas




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