It's snowing in Denver and the solitude is lovely.  While I've been busy painting on my LAMENTATION Series, I'm taking a morning break of stillness. I'm looking at the tiny orchids on my kitchen table and contemplating their beauty.  But, with that, it is appropriate that I'll be working more on the series today as it is the second anniversary of my mother's passing.  I'm not sad for she is in a better place.  I can rejoice with that but I am contemplative; thinking of the brevity of life and all that this short time on earth offers.  

With my musings this morning, I'm contemplating the Memento Mori - keeping death before us, the vanity of life, and the brevity of our lives.  We are told to number our days for we really don't know how long we have on this earth. For me, that means I must take in and give as much as I can to this life.  As an artist, I do create things; things that might not have value to anyone else but me and yes, they will, at some point, be gone.  I wonder if my efforts will be in vain but I know I must create; it is a part of who I am.  And that part of me, has touched others in a way I could have never anticipated.  So there is value to what I do.  There is value is what all artists do.  We create, we experience life, we extend that experience to each other, we connect as a body of human beings.  We validate our experience/s.  We translate the human experience.  

This spurs me onto work, to create, to reflect, and yes, rejoice for all of the wonderous things we behold here on this planet.  But it also spurs memories of grief and pain.  Yes, grief is a part of life, and is painful - very painful - but the memories of what we have had and who we've had them with sustain us throughout our dark moments.  Sometimes, those moments are fleeting and it is hard to get our bearings but eventually they do encourage us to move forward in or lives.  

So the creation continues.  I'll look for the blessings in the joys and sorrows of this world, however they come and hopefully translate it into my work.  I'll number my days and make the most of my time while here.  Until next time...  enjoy and be blessed.  


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