I played today...  played in the studio after spending most of the morning printing my linocuts.  It felt good to just play and not worry about the end result - just having fun with the medium and imagery.  It's nice to take the pressure off and just create for the sheer fun of it.  Not that other times aren't fun but how many times are we creating for a show, commission, or have some other deadline to fulfill and not relaxed enough to let things just happen?  Sometimes playing gets put to the wayside and we get caught up in the production and not the process.  Today was fun, today was pure play and it was a blast! 

It was messy too!  I was working on a monotype with soft pastel.  Since the ink was waterbased, the pastel worked differently than with oilbased inks which made it a fun time of experimenting.  Nevertheless, it was a nice break from the intensity of what I've been working on with my Stirring Series and Lamentation Series.  This had no expectations - just drawing and painting with the pastel.  It was a nice feeling to not have an expectation.  I felt complete freedom and without judgment.  This is something I need to do more often for how many times do I have my expectations hinder me with my creativity?  I get so caught up in the making that I can forget to let go and just play.  This was a good lesson today to ground me with my art making. 

So my advice - PLAY!!!  Have fun in the studio, kitchen, garden, writing desk - wherever is your creative place.  You just might be surprised with what happens!  Until next time - enjoy and be blessed!

Susan M Gibbons
"Playing Around"
Pastel on Monotype
14 1/8" by 11 3/4"


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