Artist Residency Part 3


Well, the alumni artist residency is wrapping up and it's been wonderful.  I've enjoyed getting to know the students and faculty of Azusa Pacific University.  It's been a time of rich discussions, renewing friendships and beginning new ones, and deep fellowship.  It's been a time of creativity and production for me as well.  I've been exploring both new and old materials and ways of working.

Indie Yarn with Thai Bird's Nest Paper - In Process 

I've discovered Indie yarn.  It's wonderful!  I'm currently working with it sewing it into Thai Bird's Nest Paper.  The work is so new I'm not sure what I'm doing with it yet.  All I know is that I needed to sew it into the paper.  I'm planning on painting it but need to sit with it before I do so.  Sometimes, I just need to piece to speak to me to tell me what to do with it.  This is one of those pieces.  I trust the process, the intuition, and the materials to direct me. 

We also went to the Museum of Modern Art and the Broad in LA.  What an incredible experience!  The collections were amazing.  It was so informative to see major works in person.  We saw Mark Bradford, Rothko, Warhol, Jasper Johns, Lichtenstein, Giacometti,Cy Twombly, Franz Kline, Lee Krasner, Betye Saar, David Hammons, Anselm Kiefer, Basquiat - to name a few.  I had a happy in the Basquiat room at the Broad.  The energy and vitality of his paintings spoke to me and I took home inspiration to paint! 

Mark Bradord

This residency has been such an amazing experience.  I'm grateful, honored, and humbled to be able to do this and to give back to APU.  This time has been a treasure and I'll remember it always.  So, for now,  enjoy and create!  I'll leave you with a quote from Jean-Michel Basquiat:

"The greatest treasures of the world are art."

Jean-Michel Basquiat


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