Bara', the Hebrew word for create.  This verb literally translates: to shape, to fashion, to create.  It is the verb used when God is creating the world the the things in it, conditions and circumstances, and transformations. It is a pretty comprehensive word when it comes to creation.  It was the force that God used to make it all. It is that force that allows us to create in our own unique way.  It is a force that can mold and transform us to create incredible works that speak to us as humans. 
I believe that we are made in His image - both male and female - and when we create, being linked to the Creator, we can tap into that same creative force. This brings me comfort to do what I need to do as an artist.  I have the ability, through the creative force of God, to create.  Does that mean everything I do is wonderful?! Of course, no but it does mean that if I lean into the Spirit, listen to the still, small voice, I can make, I can be fashioned and shaped into the artist I want to be and make what I want to make.  And that drives me as an artist. 
Art is such a powerful medium.  It translates language, emotion, and culture.  It brings about an understanding or at least an awareness of something bigger than ourselves.  It makes a mark of who we are and what we can achieve.  I'm thinking of the cave paintings of Lascaux and other works of our ancestors.  Those pieces left an indelible mark of human history in visual form.  It left a mark that says, "I was here", "This is important".  And that mark speaks of a possible spiritual connection, a connection that is a mystery to us but gives us a potential understanding of who they were.  It speaks of something outside of their existence.  The fact that these images were created in the first place says something to their desire to translate beyond the everyday, to acknowledge that their existence mattered.  The elegance and sophistication of the work speaks to the Bara', that which gave them the ability to create such beautiful works. 
It is quite a gift.  One that I take very seriously and graciously to the studio. It will carry me through my successes and failures, creatively.  It will bring me the confidence to create. And for that, I am grateful.   


Lascaux Cave Paintings
18,000-10,000 BCE


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