Coronavirus.  This is a word that strikes fear, anxiety, skepticism, caution, and panic in people.  It is showing us both the bad and good in people and forcing us to isolate and reduce our physical connections with them as well.  I'm actually in isolation now, per my doctor, for my protection.  I had pneumonia a couple of months back and my lungs hurt so we're taking precautions, just in case.  It's a good thing although it will be hard because I really am a social butterfly. 
This isolation gives me time to redirect myself towards what is really important: my family, my faith, my friends, and my art.  Even though I'm not going out of the house, I'm so appreciative of our modern conveniences like the phone and internet.  It keeps me connected.  I guess that's the takeaway.  Stay connected even though we're separated.  The physical separation cannot stop the emotional and spiritual connections we have.  They transcend that.  I'm grateful for it keeps me going. 
It's also a time to paint and create.  It's a time of incubation, of nurturing, and of bringing forth that which has been dormant.  This time of isolation is going to be a blessing. It's going to help me connect with my creative self and the Spirit.  I'm going to really bear down and dig deep within myself to produce what is within my soul to create.  Even though I've been creating quite a bit lately, I feel that there is more to explore.  I want to take the work to the next level and this time could very well be the time to make that happen. 
It's also a time for me to get with God and to see how my relationship with Him can be nurtured as well.  I'm looking forward to my quiet time, prayer time, and meditative time (which is my studio time as well).  I'm looking forward to what comes from it.  Since Spring is around the corner, I'm correlating this time to right before the buds burst forth.  This is a germinating time and I can't wait to see what comes from it. 
So the connections can happen - either in the studio, quiet time, or through technology.  It's up to me to make it happen and I'm looking forward to it as long as I stay focused on what is really important.  There's the rub!  My mind can go from one thing to another and have a harder time staying focused.  But this will be good ground to nurture that - keep myself doing what I need to do.  This will be a time of blessing. 
So, stay connected in whatever way you can. Reach out to those you love, I will be! Until next time, enjoy and be blessed.


Susan M Gibbons
Stirring Study 22
Acrylic on Rive BFK Paper
15" x 11.25"


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